Corporate Events & Projects

For events to work wonders, they need creative concepts and precise, professional execution. Thoughtful dramaturgy generates deep emotions. Ideas convey their messages even through the smallest details, creating excitement.

No event is ever the same. Each one requires a unique experiential world. This world unfolds on-site with all the senses, turning the event into an unforgettable experience in the minds of the audience.

At events orchestrated by Zander & Partner, emotions are at the forefront. Our medium is light. Combined with specially produced music and unique visual design, we create art and tell stories in our own distinctive way. We are often commissioned for brand presentations, product launches, openings, anniversaries, or special occasions where light installations are meant to be a highlight of the program.

We take care of the content for these projects, develop the storytelling together with our clients, provide advice, and supply technology and infrastructure – the famous all-round carefree package.

Our content is drawn from an endless source of ideas, delivering precise messages that are visually highly emotional and unique. Thanks to our exceptional experience, our agency guarantees absolute planning and budget security while maintaining the highest quality.