Town Hall Zwickau

900 years of Zwickau, projection show


Our task was to tell the city history of Zwickau in a unique way. Together with Hauslaib Lichtwelten, Zander & Partner developed a video mapping that tells episodes from nine centuries. All the contents of the projection show are only roughly oriented along the time axis from 1118 to the present day. In the five-minute show we process numerous motifs and embed them in a narrative arc. The colorfulness of Max Pechstein’s images influences the animations just as much as the still simple two-dimensional representations from Agricola’s time. Robert Schumann’s musical motifs are also to be found in the audio level of the show. The mapping takes up the mode of presentation from the respective epoch. Parts of the scenes begin with the optics and dynamics of a book on the facade. But the animation does not stop with “simple” scrolling through historical scenes and appearing people, buildings and landscapes. Rather, the events flow dynamically into each other and draw the view of the audience into the events and images from the history of the city. Large-scale scenes with strong visual effects alternate with depictions of social upheavals and the further development of technology and urban development. The starting point for many spectacular effects is the facade of the town hall itself, which unfolds, collapses, is flooded, etc. The facade is also transformed into landscapes of industrialization or into the production line of the automotive industry in Zwickau. In addition to strong visual effects, the sound with a musical composition and its realistic sounds and sounds also immerses the viewer in the scenes.


4. September 2016


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