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“Berlin Cathedral Wears the New Dresses by Wolfgang Joop/Wunderkind”
Our creative team is specialized on how to generate international media attention with extraordinary productions. Same for the brand – Wunderkind: We take up the topic fashion and make it the highlight at Festival of Lights. The concept: To dress up a building with light, transform it visually into new interpretive patterns. Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) has been chosen. “When Festival of Light turns Berlin Cathedral into their light once a year, the massive, neo-Baroque building seems to be so playful, graceful and lightweight. It is the contrasts in Berlin. This makes it even nicer to shine with the textile prints of Wunderkind during Festival of Lights directly in the city center on one of the most famous and most historic buildings”, said Wolfgang Joop, Star-Designer.
The Star-Designer creates exclusive Haute Couture consisting of light. The impressive building has been put into twelve motives: flowers, leopard-looks and much more designs. “Berlin Cathedral wears new dresses by Wolfgang Joop” advanced to become visitor magnet as well as media hype. Wolfgang Joop designs countless covers – from America to China. The production have been published in 48 Print – and Internet-Postings. Its reach: 99.441.000 recipients. Until today, the colorful shining garments are still impressive and its media impact remains as well. A hype, which will never stop.


23. January 2017


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