Festival of Lights – New Format as a Public Event

The Star of Metropolis Events

A constantly growing and shining brand: Festival of Lights attracts many visitors from all over the world since 2005. In addition, Festival of Lights has been in New York, Luxembourg and Kiel since 2014. Every year, prominent locations and architectural monuments shine for over a week. They become glowing buildings of art and culture as multimedia light installations. Our leading technology is the cutting edge technology called 3D-Videomapping. These kinds of creations transform the city into a landscape of magic moments during the Festival.
Zander & Partner created this brand, developed the concept constantly, provided creative input and made it available as a medium for many event marketing measures. Festival of Lights is a bright example for ideas and extensive effect of our agency.  We also handle the whole production.
More than 2 million national and international visitors as well as over one billion worldwide media contacts are a clear statement related to the success rate of our concept. It represents a touristic lighthouse project in Berlin. It developed into one of the most famous art and culture events in Germany. The synthesis of the arts and public attraction will be accompanied by various events, different trips, tours and activities related to light theme. “Festival of Lights is a stroke of luck for Berlin. It would probably have had to be invented, if it would have not already existed”, according to Burkard Kieker, the director of visitBerlin.



8. May 2020


Stadt-Marketing & Live-Kommunikation als Touristenmagnet