Housing Cooperatives Berlin (Gilde Heimbau)

Living in Berlin’s Landmark

On the occasion of „International UNO-Year of the Cooperatives“, Zander & Partner come up with an idea to present the theme “Residing and Living” tangibly and excitingly, by using the innovative technology 3D Video-Mapping. To accomplish the media impact and public attention maximally, the world-famous landmark in Berlin was eligible: Brandenburg Gate. Festival of Lights offers a perfect framework and suitable communication platform for this occasion.
Our Work: A storyboard that goes through the architectural history of the 775-year-old-city and end up in the cooperative living.  Our creative team designed the five-minute 3D-Videomapping deliberately in a facetted way. This technology combines animation, film, internet, print, design, color and graphic motifs with solid storytelling and become a highlight at the festival. The design won a Red Dot Award – which is one of the most famous design award ever. The media impact in the context of our strong communication platform is enormous: Nearly every one of the 2 million festival visitors experiencing the projection lively. About 16.000 Videos circulated and ensured on YouTube 200.000 clicks. “Living in the Brandenburg Gate” become a headline and went viral as well – and our concept becomes a prototype of many future success stories.


8. May 2017


Projektionen & Videomapping