Potsdamer Platz Management GmbH – City-Marketing for Potsdamer Platz

City Center as the Heart of Emotion
It was our mission to emotionalize Potsdamer Platz and to promote its images and presence in media in terms of its owners and architect. Zander & Partner stands for bringing great emotions to a great location. Our concept: staging and loading, combining and transforming. The initial impulse succeeds with the production within the framework of Festival of Lights. This is where the light is and where the quarter is shining. Along the impressive scenery, a new spirit has arisen because of many artistic illuminations. Potsdamer Platz is loaded with light and life.  This successful Partnership remains since 2010.
“All expectations have been exceeded”, concluded the management of Potsdamer Platz.
This is what we like to hear and that is why we are developing new concepts once a year, e.g. media-effective and international-known projects like: ‘Faces of Berlin’, ‘Platzgetwitter’ or “Moderne Kunst neu entdecken”:
“Birgit Zander and her Team excelled itself once again!” according to Barbara Knoflach, chairman of the SEB Asset Management AG (Owner of Potsdamer Platz)


1. March 2017


Stadt-Marketing & Live-Kommunikation als Touristenmagnet