Zander & Partner | Live-Kommunikation & Magic Moments
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Ideas move people

emotions touch hearts.

Zander & Partner Event Marketing is a synonym for maximum level live marketing. We design and create unique events because we know that only uniqueness makes your audience remember. Refined productions and emotional lands bring people and brands, institutions and places together. News and messages spread like wildfire.

We have a lot of experience and expertise in making the impossible possible: from public event, corporate event and brand showcasing to city and tourism marketing; from first idea to very last detail of the event – with our ultimate skills in producing artistic lightshows.

Zander & Partner has been an internationally successful brand for 25 years. State of the art is our state of mind.


We impress with influential concepts, strong impulses, great range, elements of surprise –
on all channels.


We address the audience with moving stories and integrate it in different media, where we can directly reach out to and excite people.


We set highlights with great emphasis on state-of-the-art event technology. Events that you talk about for years, campaigns with huge coverage.

Projection and Video-Mapping

When the day ends and the night begins, buildings awaken and shine, transform, tell stories, captivates mass of people. Entire cities become the stage for artistic events.

Just like hearts can be charmed by emotions, our eyes are drawn by the magic of light at night. People from all backgrounds and all over the world are fascinated by illuminations, like a social consensus of excitement.

Our most important skill is not only to operate innovative state of the art projection technology, but to use it smartly, creatively and playfully. Zander & Partner implements light installations and spectacular 3D-video-mappings – worldwide, outdoors and indoors, as a visual event highlight to present brands. It starts with an idea and grows into something big – concept, production and presentation from one source with over 20 years’ of experience in all areas of event engeneering.

City Marketing and Live Communication as a Tourist Magnet

The heartbeat of life is in our cities. Strengthening it, transforming it, making it the ultimate attraction – this is the top of live communication. This is what makes metropolises legendary.

Zander & Partner creates public events and showcases worldwide, including organization and execution. The expertise extends to over more than two decades of event marketing. Excellence, influence and success have grown steadily. The Berlin Festival of Lights has been directed by our agency for 12 years, we have been massively successful and are exporting our  concept to cities and countries around the world – always in tune with the very location. International radiation has already taken us to New York, Luxembourg and Bucharest, soon Zwickau will celebrate its 900th city anniversary with the Festival of Lights. Due to the high demand and our ambitions in international tourism marketing, many more Festival of Lights projects are planned. We have proved our concept.

Our original Festival from the German capital draws more than two million visitors per year and creates a billion media contacts. Landmarks, squares, historic buildings shine in colors and spectacular 3D video projections, becoming a stage of moving campaigns. This highlight for tourists also serves as an ideal communication channel for companies and organizations. Thanks to the international network with its own media and strong partners, the impact of this mega event has become unbeatable. Each and every year a bigger, more versatile and influential.

Events, Incentives, Congresses and More

To make an event work it requires creative concepts and an exact, professional execution. Excellent dramaturgy creates great emotions. Messages are brought across in the smallest details. Enthusiasm arises.

There’s no event like another. Each event is designed by Zander & Partner as an independent world of experience. It is developed on site, with all senses and becoming real in the minds of the target groups.
Powered by a never-ending source of ideas, we design programs, equipment, effects and entertainment at its best. Thanks to the exceptional experience, our agency can guarantee absolute security in planning and budgeting. Our experts organize national and international events, conferences and meetings, stages imposing incentives. Art comes from skill and success from commitment.